New Water Tank Completed!

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Final Height 126 '


1.8 Million Gallons


As you know, Seven Lakes Water Association, Inc. has been mandated by the State Department of Health to disinfect our water system.

We have received several phone calls about changes to our water.

We anticipated this, and know it will take some time, perhaps several weeks to distribute the disinfectant evenly throughout our distribution system.

Some areas that have been affected more than others. This may be due to pipe structures, size or volume of water usage in the area.

Please know we are aware of these issues, and are working diligently, flushing hydrants and blow offs to speed up this process. If you have any questions pleases feel free to call.

The new Tank 6 has passed all testing and will be put online on the morning of July 22nd at approximately 9:00 am. At that time the water pressure will increase in the Lake Shoecraft area by approximately 30 lbs,